• How to follow package advisory?


    On the announcements page, I see this latest advisory. https://antergos.com/blog/package-advisory-webkit2gtk-2-14-3-1/

    It says not to update this webkit2gtk package. If this was installed (by some other package/application), then sudo pacman -Syu will update this package as well. How can I update my system without updating this one single package? Or is there another way to enforce the package advisory?


  • The anouncement is from two years ago, the information is not relevant anymore.
    Maybe @developers can take it of the website?

  • @Bryanpwo

    Oh … haha… Didn’t realize this was two years old. Isn’t there an announcement page where we keep an eye on known issues to avoid having problems when we update our setup?

    @Bryanpwo said in How to follow package advisory?:

    Maybe @developers can take it of the website?

    I didn’t understand this part. Where do you insert the “@developers”?


  • @archmuon
    The last sentence was directly aimed at at the developers, since they are the only ones who can change a large part of the website.

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