• Issue loading games through Steam Play and Proton after kernel upgrade

    Has anyone else had this issue? Couple of things I’ve noticed

    • My mounted game partition is owned by root and will not allow me to change ownership to my user account, so any game saved that is launching from Proton does not load

    • If the game loads, then it freezes. Audio plays, but no video.

    This only started happening since the new kernel was released. I have an integrated GPU and a Nvidia card. Alienware 15

  • is a game on external device ?

    what is

    systemctl status disks2 ?
  • @j-goguen What filesystem is the game partition?

    And are you able to change ownership from terminal? I have some of my games on an external hard drive, formatted ext4, and I had to ensure that my user owns the directory where they’re installed. At terminal cd /media/Steam, and “sudo chown -R tara.users Library” (adjusting for your username & the appropriate location, of course). That should work for any filesystem that supports ownership, and will give you a usable error message if it fails.

  • Fun thing about that. The game partition was from a previous windows installation, so it is formatted NTFS.

  • So NTFS doesn’t support Linux-style ownership. fuse should be able to mount it read-write using usermode drivers.

    Do you have write access at all? Can you create a text file on the drive? Sounds to me like your problem isn’t just Steam-specific, but rather that for some reason it’s defaulted to a read only mount for some reason - maybe a change to the fuse driver or the kernel ntfs support.

    I don’t have any NTFS-formatted drives to test with, unfortunately… all of the computers in our house are Linux or Mac, so for drives that only touch Linux we use ext4, and drives that are used by both it’s either nfs or exfat. :( How big is the Steam library, and do you have a decent Internet connection? Save games are usually in your user folder, regardless of where the library’s installed, so if it wouldn’t mean an enormous & time consuming download it might actually be worth reformatting the drive using a Linux filesystem.

  • If your NTFS partition is mounted using fstab, - which would be my preference - then
    I think the solution(s) to your problem are documented in https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NTFS-3G.
    In particular see sections on Linux Compatible Permissions, and Allowing group/user.

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