• installation fails after all packages are downloaded

    hi people , i have downloaded antergos 19.1 minimal iso image and created bootable usb using Etcher .
    everything goes fine until the end. i get fatal error.
    i tried mate and gnome desktop , the same problem.
    i checked md5 checksum for the iso image it is correct .
    any suggestion??

  • thanks man this distro has been installed successfully, but there is a bug in mate desktop , i can’t open home folder.

  • @joekamprad

    • 19.1 Is not installing correctly on my end. I tried 5 times with different options but I get “LightDM failed to start”.
    • 19.2 installed correctly in the 1º try.
  • @zeioth
    The Lightdm version you got with the first install was broken, it was followed up with a better update very quickly, so in this case the installation failure wasn’t caused by Cnchi.

  • @zeioth
    lucky you!
    after i tried to reinstall another desktop of antergos using minimal 19.2 looks like the cuchi installer failed again.
    i don’t understand why antergos people don’t make offline installer and let us update after installing ?
    can anyone tell them that piece of information?
    i am moving to another distro waiting 19.3 installer , i hate this but there is no other choice.

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