• Saving files from internet etc

    I’m currently using antegros with i3 and am having an issue. If I try and save a file it will open a file explorer type screen but there is no where for me to type a name to save the file or even a way to just save the default name, ie a file from the internet.

    I can create a file via command line and it will show up in my files but as far as saving one outside of the terminal I’m at a loss.

    What am I missing??

  • I have figured out how to save. (press enter :smh:). But is there a way to change the file name before saving? Obviously I can rename from command line, but that seems like a long winded approach.

  • do you try saving a file you are reaching with a browser (Chromium / Firefox) ? be more detailed ;)
    Antergos i3 have pcmanfm (filemanager) installed as default… you can change it and install thunar (what i use inside my notebook setup) if i choose “safe under” inside browser it open a save dialog from thunar where i can choose filename and place

  • It seems that the file manager just doesn’t size right when it pops up. If I go to save a file and make the manager fullscreen the name of the file is at the very top. It was cut off and didn’t appear that there was any more to the screen.

    So, problem solved. User stupidity at it’s finest! Thanks for the help anyway!

  • you are welcome, i3 needs some configurations to fit your needs and your system.

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