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    I am a possible newbie to Antergos - currently Manjaro user.

    I have myself a new laptop that unfortunately has a Nvidia GTX 1050ti as its GPU and this is causing me havoc in getting Manjaro working.

    I can install Ubuntu and it works fine, but of course I don’t want to use Ubuntu as I am used to and want to use an Arch based Distro and for years have enjoyed Manjaro.

    I think I know the answer, but thought I would check to see how nicely antergos plays with Nvidia? I am finding different distro’s work better and worse than others.

    With manjaro I could never get it to boot correctly after installing the advised drivers and making lots of config alterations in various config files (X11, Grub, SSDM, etc).

    Does Antergos have the same issues with working on Nvidia Cards given that Antergos is also Arch based as Manjaro is?

    Any upfront warnings or knowledge would be good, otherwise I will just get an install done and find out the hard way.


  • @sx200n !

    Welcome, I have no idea about Nvidia, since I’ve never used it, here people, I think, remember that you use that card that uses that card and you can surely help it.

  • The only difference between Manjaro and Antergos, is that Antergos rolls in-sync with Arch, updatewise, instead of the semi-rolling release Manjaro has. I don’t know how long you’ve been trying to get your card up and running in Manjaro, but it could be that the current driver has solved certain issues with your card.

  • @sx200n
    Hello and welcome here!

    There’s a good chance that it works quite easily.
    But to have some more info about your graphics, could you please show the output of terminal command

    lspci -k | grep -A2 -P '3D|VGA'

    Antergos supports a utility nvidia-installer (install separately) that should help you install the correct nvidia driver unless it is already OK after Antergos install.

    I actually have Nvidia 1030 GPU on my main machine (not a laptop but a “big” table machine) including the integrated Intel GPU.
    First I had only the Intel GPU, Then I added the Nvidia GPU, installed drivers with nvidia-installer and attached the monitor to the card, it just worked. Then I removed all Intel drivers since I’m no more using them.

    But let’s see how it works for you! 😃

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