• Hello and thank you!

    Hello everyone . . . and thank you to everyone who develops and uses Antergos for being such a welcoming and open community.

    The longer-version intro:
    Context: I started using Linux with Linux Mandrake back in 2001. I reverted to Windows in 2006 when I got a laptop that I couldn’t get Mandrake to run on.

    In 2008, I was able to install Ubuntu on another laptop and used some version of Ubuntu (the latest with the Cinammon desktop which was - and is - a great and stable system) until a few weeks ago.

    I first heard about Antergos last year on a podcast that I listen to, and installed it in a VM to see how the rolling-release thing would work. Everything ran smoothly, although I didn’t do very much with it in the VM other than update it to see if it would break. It did a couple of times, but both times, I found a solution in seconds by searching Google or DuckDuckGo.

    Installing Antergos: After I decided to take the plunge and install Antergos as my main daily-use system, I didn’t have much luck in the beginning with a straight-forward install using the normal Antergos media. I experienced the commonly-reported errors with booting the live media and/or various problems with the Cnchi installer.

    I almost gave up since I wasn’t having any problems with my old Ubuntu setup, but the idea of using an Arch-based rolling-release system was appealing to me.

    I finally used an Antergos-derived installer I found referenced on this forum somewhere when I was searching for solutions for my installation issues called “Portergos”. There is an offline-installation option that worked perfectly for me, and I ended up with a working installation I could use to get to the system I wanted (using Plasma and KDE for the first time in years).

    It was worth the effort and the time.

    Experience so far. I have been using this new Antergos (or Antergos-based) system for a couple of weeks now and loving it. I haven’t even booted into my old Ubuntu system (though it’s still present as an option in grub along with Windows 10 which I use for games I can’t play on Linux yet), and I’m enjoying this latest incarnation of KDE (last time I used it was in the 3.xx series, and it became clunky as hell and unusable after a while).

    I have found the Antergos community that I’ve interacted with so far to be welcoming and helpful, as I noted above. I must say that it’s nice to have an alternative to the rather off-putting (or so it seems to me) attitude the Arch Forums seem to have (that’s just from spending a lot of time reading it lately and not from any direct interaction).

    If you bothered to read this far, thanks for being here and I’m sure I will be posting some questions as I try to get various things working (but nothing major).

  • Well written !

  • @allan_m
    Hello and welcome to the merry Antergos crowd!

    AFAIK, @fernandomaroto is the creator of Portergos.
    If you are interested to know, I’m sure he’ll be happy to enlighten the potential differences between Portergos and Antergos.

  • Hi @allan_m

    As @manuel said i’m Portergos’s developer, although i haven’t released a new version since August, 2018 (i make new versions to test persistent livecd mode, works, but i’m still not happy with it).

    Anyway i’m happy that everything worked out for you, it’s so usefull to have an offline installer right? After that everyone install whatever they want and make a “system of their own”
    I’m also very happy running Portergos in a very old machine, and is so fast :)

    About Antergos community, yeah “we’re” the best hehehe.

    About Arch community i have to say that the first offline installer was made by an Arch user, and without his tutorial videos Portergos would never exist :)
    Archwiki is one of the best sources of learning linux stuff. Even when i’m not running an arch-based distro i still look there first.

  • Pure Arch users forget or don’t know, that till 2011 Arch also had an installer like most Arch derivatives use, so even though I respect the Arch wiki and the Arch philosophy, I don’t respect their attitude.

    Pure Arch installation isn’t difficult to do, by the way, you just have to keep your mind with it every step you take.

  • @Bryanpwo
    BTW, on github (and maybe in many other places) there are many Arch installer scripts available. Some of them probably are quite outdated, but I don’t know so much about them.

    And in fact, I also wrote a very simple Arch installer script in bash language, and installed my current Arch setup with it. While writing the installer I saw that writing one is not at all easy.
    Even this extremely simple installer had many issues before I got it working properly. And it is by no means a “full” installer, it is only an installer for my particular machine and disk partitions.

    So (as an off-topic, sorry!), creating an installer is no easy task. Well, writing any software that works in all possible cases is not easy. And even if a working installer is written, other software change quite much in time, and the installer must adapt and be maintained. So it is really hard work. And we all should remember that most devs do that hard work for us without a paycheck.

  • @manuel
    I bow to you for accomplishing that and about the devs, your point can’t be said enough!

    (My comment about the Arch installer was merely aimed at the Arch users who look down at Antergos, or any other Arch-based distro users, while not so long ago Arch got installed by similar installers like @fernandomaroto’s portergos installer or Cnchi)

  • @Bryanpwo said in Hello and thank you!:

    Pure Arch users forget or don’t know, that till 2011 Arch also had an installer like most Arch derivatives use

    There were quite a few users at Archlinux who did not like closing the graphical installer back then . . .

  • @Bryanpwo said in Hello and thank you!:

    Pure Arch users forget or don’t know, that till 2011 Arch also had an installer like most Arch derivatives use

    I didn’t know about it, nice! I started using linux only in 2016 :)

  • Hello Antergos 2019 for everyone! d-_-b

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