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    I must voice my disappointment …

    Antergos was top notch for a decent amount of time, but I must say I think your distro is down for the count. New Linux users finding their way to Antergos and bumping up against so many problems might just turn them away from Linux. Your newest installer does not work, again. Now I know you are comprised of a small team, but these long lasting problems are all signs of a team that does not know what they are doing. At the very least add a disclaimer to your website to warn people of major problems and not to use this distro as their main work station. To repeat what many others are calling for, ditch your installer. Ubuntu, Fedora, Solus, Manjaro and the list can go on do not have constant installer problems or the vast number of other problems Antergos have. I think it’s time the Antergos team took a step back and take deep breath and tackled a few of the most obvious problems.

    Have a good day.

  • The installer of antergos is the main act of the distro. myself does not have any issue with it fairly to say. Last week i borked my own system where to say i removed my root my self :)

    Did a fresh install of the january iso. patiently wait when the installer pops up and it works on my side. but i got a old pc non uefi and simple 120gb sdd as root and 450gb hdd as home ,

    As mention installer mention stil as beta so, not solid for some. Also not antergos has not only the problem also Manjaro has some installer issue. sure its now more backed up with more distro so it can fixed for sure, as user base and usage of this installer is probably small, while Calamares become a standard in linux world where several distro’s using that installer.

    but do we follow too, or we should follow or own stream. Probably cnchi need a better debug system probably that goes to server directly i gues to improve.

  • I understand your point on the installer, but when the system is installed, it rolls with Arch, so the problems that then occur aren’t Antergos problems, but Arch problems. Running a rolling bleeding edge distro makes system updates riskier than with distro’s that uses point releases (Ubuntu, Fedora ) or semi- rolling releases (Manjaro), therefore you have to dive in the system once in a while. This is known within the Linux world and every Linux blogger or vlogger warn people for that. (and those are represented in vast numbers on the internet)
    Again your point of the installer, I’ll leave it up to the devs, but claiming that users will turn away from Linux by encountering problems while running the OS, is a two way street. Most of the problems you read on the forum (again Cnchi install is a subject on its own) are solveable and is well documented in Arch wiki, most members over here come with a solution or refer to the wiki. This is how Arch rolls, newbie or advanced user, they both have to dive in the system.

  • He he he, mentioning Calamares here is like like saying i love satan in church. knee slapper if i ever heard one. yes i agree, ditch the installer, use calamares and let’s get on with life.

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