• Cannot install Antergos

    Hello, after loosing all my files months ago after an update, and trying unsuccessfully to retrieve them with extundelete, I have now reached the reinstallation stage. I have 2 HD on my desktop, one of 1T and one of 250 GB. I want to install Antergos on the smaller one, then install the /home directory and all my personal files on the bigger one to separate the two. In case there is a pb with Antergos I won’t lose all my stuff again - hopefully. For now, the installation from a USB stick does not work (latest iso), bootloader pb apparently. I first had some other pb that I solved by changing the installation language. Here is what the 250GB disk looks like now:
    Screenshot from 2019-01-28 16-46-57.png

    Maybe some of you have a solution…? Many thx in advance.

  • @longliveantergos 250MB should be 250GB … and i do not know if LVM is working at the moment…

  • @joekamprad You are right, thx. What is LVM, sorry…?

  • i do a test install with LVM not encrypted and it seems do not create a grub.cfg:
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-01-28 20-38-36.png

  • @joekamprad Sorry, ok I try installing without LVM. Thx so much.

  • That worked. Thank you again.

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