• Sound issues(input/output), ASrock B450 Pro4 using ALC892 Codec

    I have several sound issues that are hard to reproduce.

    I installed antergos yesterday and at the beginning the output sound was fine (headphones via jack). Later that evening I tried voip (via Discord) and things got downhill. The microphone input was crackling/scratching a lot and sometimes the audio output was crackling as well. This was quite annoying and I tested several jack ports (front and back) and several audio settings (nothing helped and I set them back to default).

    Today I could not even listen to any music while surfing because everything was crackling/scratching and it had echo+delay. It seemed liked the audio was regurgitated. When I stopped the audio (pausing) the audio would pause with a delay because visual(video) and audio were offset and audio was repeated via some input?!

    This even happens when my mic is not connected.

    In my sound settings there is a speech-dispatcher, but why?Screenshot from 2019-01-28 16-43-25.png

    searching for alsa in the arch/antergos repo shows me that alsa-firmware is not installed (lib,plugins and utils is however)Screenshot from 2019-01-28 16-44-43.png

    My alsa-info-script output:

  • @joekamprad

    Hey Joe, das wars ;)

    This fixed the sound overall. Testing voip I encountered a strange bug that the mic boost would not stay on the value I had chosen. this resulted in crackling through high mic boost. Whenever I would talk more loudly the mic boost would also increase for some strange reason. I set the values via alsamixer this time and hopefully they wont change (unamplified mic for best quality).

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