• most icons in menu are gone

    Only for user uid 1000 nearly all icons are missing in plasma menu. At all other uids everything is fine. What I already tried:

    1. deleting user and home directory, created new, issue persists

    I have looked for any files/folders which do have uid 1000 or gid 1000 after deleting user: nothing exists.

    Interesting observation:
    Every new user which is created has theme “breeze dark” at first login - except uid 1000. This one has “breeze” (without “dark”). I can temporarily get icons by checking “use layout of design” at kde system config (I do not know exact naming in English because I use German language) but icons are gone at logout and login. Any idea is welcome!

  • You have saved your session ?

    find session management, try to start an empty sessio ?

  • If I remove user “1000” by deluser, delete home directory and create a new user “1000” it starts with an empty session. Home directory was empty at first start - when reaching plasma desktop everything works except icons in menu and in kde system config - no icons there…

  • and which icon theme does that user use ?

  • in kde you have a session manager you can start with an empty session its possible kde save a session, but , did you check which icon-theme kde uses currently?

  • It is without any effect what icon theme I activate. For all users with user id != 1000 all themes work out of the box and are stable. For user 1000 I can switch to any theme and there are no icons. I must activate checkbox “use layout of design” - then I get a warning that personal layout is overwritten - and the all icons are there. But only as long as the session lasts. If I shuttwown or restart icons are gone again - even after logoff and login they are gone. I have compared environment variables of user 1000 with other users - everything exactly identical. I can install new themes - they work for all users except user 1000.

  • dpo you use the standard display manager (lightdm) or sddm ?

  • ok i dont know realy could be a bug or what,

    what you can do is for now to compare for your current user and your new user which is member of,

    like in terminal :


    what is the difference, look in user-manager of your account which are the members are and that user 1000 … which is a new user probably mis some member ship… atleast dont give adm rights if not neeeded :)

    dont think 1000 should make a difference, but i think member ship of a group you comming close…

  • I use sddm - but nice idea, I can check with lightdm…

    I already have compared membership of groups - everything identical to other users. I have tested with other GUI (Gnome, LXDE) - the icons are on their place for all users including 1000.

    Because of I already

    • purged user 1000
    • deleted his home directory
    • deleted every file or folder which matches find # / -uid 1000
      For my view there are very few possibilities. I agree that it cannot be a problem of “number”. There must be one setting (e.g. in etc) which matches uid 1000 and survives all the procedures above. But how to find? I will start # grep -lr 1000 in /etc and possibly in /var

    I am nearly sure this is not a problem of Antergos at all - I never ever have seen that before. I am working 20 years with Linux now, first SuSE, from 1004 Ubuntu, from 2008 Debian and since 6 months Antergos and I am very happy with Antergos. Of course I can simply ignore that and start users at 1001 - but I always want to learn :)

  • Dont know why :) dont think is a DM i thought you was using kde and lightdm :)

    icons should not be user level depended.

  • I am a step forward! You are right: It was lightdm with webkit greeter. Switching to sddm gives all icons to user 1000. Switching back to lightdm let them vanish again. Switching to gtk greeter does not change anything: icons for user 1000 are vanished like at webkit greeter. So the issue is somewhere in the lightdm conf.

    Many thanks for pointing me in this direction - I will investigate and report what I have found.

  • atleast with sddm & plasma things works more integrated., my self using lxqt with sddm have also a sddm-config for it :)

  • Got it - but do not understand what is wrong. There is a bash script /etc/lightdm/Xsession which contains the following part:

    if ! [[ “${@}” =~ plasma|lxqt ]]; then
    # Fix ugly styles for Qt applications when running under GTK-based desktops and Qt 5.7+
    export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=‘qt5ct’

    If I comment this completely out everything is running fine - all icons there for usr 1000. But as I understand this part is only executed if session is NOT plasma or lxqt so it should not be executed when starting plasma…

  • @df8oe said in most icons in menu are gone:


    this should also stand in /etc/environment ? thats system overal atleast… ?also qt5ct should then installed …

  • community/qt5ct 0.37-1 is installed.
    QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=‘qt5ct’ is not in /etc/environment.

    Strange. And very strange that it seems so I am the only one who struggles with this issue…

  • yeah thats weird indeed… hard to find what it is.

    i hope @developers read this too

  • pacman -Qo /etc/lightdm/Xsession
    /etc/lightdm/Xsession is owned by lightdm 1:1.28.0-1
  • I have tested if commenting out impacts gtk based desktops - but it does not. So I left it commented out and eyerything is working perfectly.

    Many thanks for your help and I feel very comfortable at this community forum for this was my first posting - hope I can help others when I gets more familar with Antergos and Arch.


  • @df8oe asking questions helps also a lot ;)
    welcome here!

    qt5ct should be used only in GTK Desktop Environments, to make themes fitting each other.
    It will cause problems if you change settings with it inside kde/plasma.

  • Yes - I already suggested that. So I am confused that commenting out has any effect for working with plasma. I am not perfect in shell scripts but as I understand the condition the code is only executed if desktop is NOT (plasma OR lxqt). It seems so that code is executed when plasma ist started - and that is not correct…

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