• most icons in menu are gone

    @df8oe Sorry for adding to the confusion… but as far as I can tell that the code in /etc/lightdm/Xsession would be executed for all users, so it is hard to see why only a single user is affected.

  • :) I know this, too. But the result is 100% reproduceable at 3 diferent machines…

  • Hmmm… the implication is that ${@} is not plasma or lxqt for uid 1000.

    Would be interesting to add

    echo "${@}" > /tmp/my_ldm_xsession_exec

    to /etc/lightdm/Xsession

    Then log in as different users and see what the contents of /tmp/my_ldm_xsession_exec are for uid == 1000 and uid != 1000

  • I did the experiment myself and the answer is
    I remember that from many many moons ago on KDE 3.x!
    So that answers why it triggers.
    I have no idea where to look for “special” behaviour when uid is 1000 :-(

  • Good work BlaiseD. This is definitely a bug and not a feature. It should not trigger on plasma or any other othe qt based destop. There are some more out in the wilderness as Lxqt and Plasma: TDE (Trinity), RazorQT for example. I am not sure if there are more… I have reimplement the code and expand the right side of the condition by “|startkde”. Very old - I remembered this from my “SuSE-times” about 14 years ago :) With this modified condition all is working as expected.

    The different behaviour for user id 1000 and all others is not related to this bug. I think this is within qt5ct. And I have investigated it is not dependent on group id. The “switch” is user id 1000.

  • @df8oe Ah, you are a former fellow SuSE user!

    From before the turn of this century I was a SuSE Linux user, and naturally a KDE user as well.
    Those were good times for SuSE.
    I still have OpenSuSE Leap installed though I hardly ever use it.
    Compared to Antergos it is slow and a resource hog to boot.
    I did try Tumbleweed, it wasn’t much faster and the rolling release didn’t work well for me. The installation was kaibashed in such a bad way that I had to reinstall!

    When I stop to think about it, I guess I keep it around for nostalgic reasons.
    yast is fantastic, but I accept that the dream is over!

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