• Discord...STOP before you frustrate yourself....

    Test with TS3 if you can in the mic testing options.

    Something is wrong with audio and Discord.

    I just spent several hrs trying to figure out audio settings but it’s Discord OR!!! something else, so I’m just trying to save people some frustration!

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling has fixed voice, but audio/the mic stops again when doing a video call
    Just adding info for anyone else having issues, I’m sure next update will fix it.

  • After further reading, apparently there is a hardware bug with some systems.
    Disabling the automatic gain in Discord fixed the issues, for me.

    After disabling automatic gain, you’ll have to set your system mic output and such up higher.

    When your having issues and your in the mic test area of discord, a good indication of this issue is it detects your mic for a few seconds, then it says it can’t find anything.

    Hope it helps someone.

  • For those still having issues disable noise suppression in discord .

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