• Politics: The Feel in Your Country...

    I guess we are safe since we are in the off-topic section please keep it polite…
    Greece: Traitors all around.

  • Brexit: The clowns are running the circus

  • @dreamtraveler Traitors not only today. All the years traitors we have in PowerP

  • Canada: You’d think we’d have learned from watching Brexit, the US, Greece, Philippines, Brazil, etc… but nope. Hold my beer.

    Le sigh. :(

  • @andreasdimo79 i am not a fan of any club but i do like AEK pretty much… So my man since Ioanni Metaxa except Ioanni Kapodistria all are traitors…

  • @dreamtraveler i dont know if the are traitors or just worthless. And i dont know what is the worst!!!

  • @andreasdimo79 traitors all the way…

  • @dreamtraveler Only AEK my friend!!!

  • Here in Germany?
    The whole government is deranged!

  • over here in the USA seems to be a battle between conservatives and liberals, but either side has morons and idiots. conservatives are hard at work trying to convince the liberals that 1 + 1 = 2 but liberals swear the solution is 1 + 1 = 3
    I can’t decide if i like the present president or if we dodged a bullet not having the other one take office

  • europe has made a stupid rule, if you share internetpapers links or else with others, is copyright protected somehow lol when it goes in i don’t know but michael tunnel talked about in tuxdigital llol…

  • The NSA in the US: We can do that?
    Random Committee: Well nobody’s watching and no one seems to care no matter what you do anyways
    The NSA in the US: Great! 👍 It’s a go then. Release the _________ . (whatever new horror it is this time)

  • @JonPaul said in Politics: The Feel in Your Country...:

    Brexit: The clowns are running the circus

    Totally agree JohnPaul out means out!

  • Sweden: Dazed and confused.

  • Argentina: Crisis… it doesn’t matter when you read this.

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