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    I’m trying out systemd-boot and there seems to be no way to multi-boot i.e. to another Linux on a separate drive/partition.

    I’ve done a lot of googling and all I can find is that it will auto-detect and dual-boot with Windows. Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it possible?

  • @joekamprad So easy when you know how 🎩

  • This is what I did:

    Add an entry to /boot/loader/entries (easy to copy the existing one) and simply change the name (called title) and the root=UUID= bit (using the PARTUUID from blkid /dev/sdXX for the partition).

    title   Clone
    linux   /vmlinuz-linux
    initrd  /intel-ucode.img
    initrd  /initramfs-linux.img
    options root=UUID=547465f2-f6f7-4677-82fd-f7b2e1ea3d8e rw quiet

    So simple!!! The entry will appear in the boot list and it will boot to the PARTUUID.

    NB. My 2 drives are both Antergos in the same state and I don’t know if the boot files are loaded from the 1st drive or after the Clone drive is accessed, but it works for me.

  • @joekamprad And do you know if I can add a splash screen at boot or is it disabled for EFI? i.e. like it is on the USB Live ISO for UEFI?

  • plymouth? and i do remember some included feature for systemd-boot where you can add a bmp logo to show on boot…?




    but i do not know if this is still valid…

  • @joekamprad Thanks, I’ve already read the 1st 2 and I tried putting the splash file in /boot/EFI/systemd (and the splash line in the loader.conf) and nothing happens but I think it may be the Nvidia 420 driver - some of them say it needs framebuffer settings so I’ll leave it for now.

  • @robgriff444 you will need to setup a framebuffer with uvesafb… but It’s not worth the effort, as boot needs only short time.

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