• Unable to log in under KDE Plasma

    This is embarrassing. I should know by now how to fix something like this, but I feel like this is still a problem for the Newbie Corner.

    I should preface this by saying that the situation is very similar to what is described here: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/11172/can-t-log-in-to-antergos-kde-plasma

    …with the exception that I don’t know how to create a new user. I suspect trying to do so would not work in any case, as neither of the users already on the system work. They both quit back to the greeter.

    Next, I figured that I’ll just go in through the textual interface and update my packages. I reasoned that I was probably seeing the results of a regression that came in with the last update. At least I know how to get to the tty’s!

    Sure enough, I was able to log in. But then I got this:

    error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/local/accountsservice-0.6.54+2+g204a4ab-1/desc: No such file or directory

    The system then asserts that, since there is missing or corrupt metadata, it will not under any circumstances make changes of any sort to any package on the system. Naturally, there is also no obvious way to simply replace a package’s missing metadata with default values from the remote copy (assuming I understand the context of ‘package metadata’ correctly).

    Fortunately, that isn’t my primary machine; I’m sending this from my Ubuntu desktop.😉

  • Ah, that looks like corrupted database, do pacman -Dk and fixup packages listed with

    pacman -S --override <glob> <packagename>

    Unfortunately specifying exactly what <glob> should be, is package dependant.
    You can establish the list of files that <glob> should match by doing

    pacman -S <packagename>

    That command will fail but it will provide you a list of files that will be overwritten for the package. Then use <glob> as a pattern that will match those file.
    See https://www.archlinux.org/pacman/pacman.8.html

    Some users have fixed by removing all the listed files and that has worked too.

    May be useful if you post the output of pacman -Dk to this thread.

  • That last bit is easy enough. Output of pacman -Dk:

    error: 'accountsservice-0.6.54+2+g204a4ab-1': description file is missing
    error: 'accountsservice-0.6.54+2+g204a4ab-1': file list is missing

    And that’s it. Just the one package, missing two metadata indices.

  • Okay, so next try pacman -S accountsservice and post the output of that, I will try to work out what <glob> should be for the --overwrite option.

  • The only one it mentions when I run it that way (sudo pacman -S accountsservice) is the


    file I noted in the OP. I tried passing that file path as the glob to --overwrite, but doing so has the same effect as sudo pacman -S accountsservice.

    I’ve also tried -Q and -Ql. The former just spits out the package name and version. The latter complains about a different missing file. Same path as the last one, but named, appropriately enough, files. In fact, the only file remaining in that directory is called mtree. Meanwhile, running

    sudo pacman -S --overwrite /var/lib/pacman/local/<packagename-version>/* accountsservice


    sudo pacman -S --overwrite /var/lib/pacman/local/<packagename-version>/mtree accountsservice

    have the same effect; no change.

  • Try
    rm -rf /var/lib/pacman/local/accountsservice-0.6.54+2+g204a4ab-1
    or to be on the safe side
    mv /var/lib/pacman/local/accountsservice-0.6.54+2+g204a4ab-1 <somelocation>
    where <somelocation> is a suitable location that you decide on.
    After that reinstall accountservice
    pacman -S accountservice

  • Aha! I think we’re getting somewhere. The pacman -S invocation returned an error due to conflicting files, but this time they look like the package contents proper:

    accountsservice: /usr/include/accountsservice-1.0/act/act-user-enum-types.h exists in filesystem
    accountsservice: /usr/include/accountsservice-1.0/act/act-user-manager.h exists in filesystem
    accountsservice: /usr/include/accountsservice-1.0/act/act-user.h exists in filesystem
    accountsservice: /usr/include/accountsservice-1.0/act/act.h exists in filesystem
    accountsservice: /usr/lib/accounts-daemon exists in filesystem

    Could these be the glob targets you were referring to earlier?

  • Well, that did it. I just rm'd those C headers and the daemon, then sudo pacman -Syu and rebooted. Whatever had gone wrong with the last round of updates was evidently righted with this one.

    I’m marking this one solved.

  • @RadonPlasma Apologies for the delayed response, yes those are the glob targets.
    Sorry I couldn’t give you a more precise answer first time around, I couldn’t recollect exactly how I’d fixed the issue.
    Now we know the steps required to fix this type of issue the next time someone hits this.

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