Hi all!
I want to update my current knowledge on ZoL on Antergos.

I read somewhere that Antergos is the only Linux distro that offers a zfs on root option during installation. About two month ago I setup Antergos on my T420 and I there was a zfs option in Cnchi but it was not feasible to use so I went with ext4 standard. Anyway!

For me zfs is the best and most advanced FS out there, maybe with the most attempts to copy of its functionality (bcachefs, Apples apfs and so on …) but never reached. I use it all the time on my FreeBSD box. But this is just my personal view and preference 😉 .

However, I want to know if it is now possible to install Antergos with zfs on root? In the best case with using Cnchi (Im lazy and dont want to spent to much time doing it the hard way).

And whats the current status of ZoL especially at Antergos and the future expectations? I know about the license issues and there might will be some future problems with 5.0 kernel:

https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]/

On the other hand the openzfs devs are looking to move the upstream source repo from Illumos tree to ZoL sources. But this is likely to be because of politics and waiting around to get changes into illumos-gate. But I dont know for sure.

So I would be grateful for some answers relating to the zfs on Antergos/Linux topic!