• Hello everyone!

    I switched my thinkpad 420s (8GB ram, 150 GB SSD + 300 GB HDD, nvidia graphic card) to Antergos two month ago and almost everything is going well! So thanks to the devs!

    Im not very familar with Linux, I had last in use fedora and debian on the desktop in 2013 as fare as Im aware of. I normally run *BSD (mostly FreeBSD) on my machines and continue to on my Home Desktop and a NUC.
    But since I would like to use the t420 as media laptop mostly for streaming, netflix, music etc. I decided to go with Linux for cutting edge apps and better bluetooth support. After I decided to go the Arch way I took a look at Manjaro and Antergos (cause Im rather lazy and wanted a desktop out of the box). In the and I decided to take … you know ☺ !

    See you all on the Forums ☺

  • @tdaemon
    Welcome to the Antergos world! :)

    You’ll find people are friendly here, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about or problems with Antergos.

    Antergos wiki and forums are good places to search info when needed.
    Also Arch wiki provides excellent information that almost always is directly usable with Antergos.

  • @tdaemon welcome here then!

  • @tdaemon !
    You are very welcome and we hope you feel very comfortable with us!

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