• Where I can found what Antergos version I'm using?

    Like the version number?

  • Well normally you can find this by looking at /etc/release.
    EDIT: that should be /etc/os-release
    But that will not give the information you are asking for :-(.
    As far as I can tell this is because Antergos is a rolling release , there aren’t really version numbers.
    Installation media do have version numbers.

    [[email protected]]$ cat /etc/os-release 
    NAME="Antergos Linux"
    PRETTY_NAME="Antergos Linux"
  • @lucas
    Like @BlaiseD mentioned, Antergos does not have version numbers because of the rolling nature. This is just like Arch is doing. All software is basically always the latest available, although sometimes minor exceptions happen despite of this general idea.

    On the other hand, e.g. Manjaro has version numbers. But Manjaro is not a rolling release AFAIK, but a semi-rolling release, and then it makes more sense to have version numbers.

    Just wondering why do you ask, do you need version info for something?

  • cat /var/log/cnchi/cnchi-*-*.log | grep ISO

    will give you the ISO version used to install…

  • The following commands create a program named ISO-version that shows the version of the Antergos ISO that was used when installing Antergos:

    echo "grep ISO /var/log/cnchi/cnchi-*.log | awk '{print \$NF}'" > ~/tmp-foobar.tmp
    chmod 0755 ~/tmp-foobar.tmp
    sudo cp ~/tmp-foobar.tmp /usr/local/bin/ISO-version
    rm -f ~/tmp-foobar.tmp

    Enjoy! 😃

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