• Fonts with KDE

    Confusion reaches a higher level, I’ll check what blaised said once I get back to my computer.

  • @Bryanpwo @BlaiseD
    Here is a comparison between Chromium and Firefox



    As you can see, Chromium is rendering using Liberation Serif while Firefox is rendering using Bitstream Vera

  • Both browsers use these 2 fonts exactly because of this:


  • @mekschr “allow websites using their own fonts” is what firefox is doing…
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-01-18 08-40-53.png
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-01-18 08-38-25.png

  • @mekschr
    I understand that two different browsers use their own fonts, but why does Firefox uses different ones in two different DE’s is beyond me. That seems to me as a lot of development work.

  • Shouldn’t changing the font in KDE Settings affect fc-match result ?

  • @mekschr Yeah, one would expect that, but as far as I can tell KDE doesn’t change fontconfig.
    My hacky method of establishing this, was to change the general font setting for KDE and then look for changes in /etc/fonts/conf.d and /etc/fonts/conf.avail.
    No file had today’s date in the timestamp, which I would expect if something changed.
    I can see from /etc/fonts/conf.d/60-latin that if serif is requested, the first answer is Bitstream Vera Serif.

  • so is that a bug or kde isn’t supposed to change those files ?

  • I think it’s Linux wide, not just with KDE.

  • From what I can see this is what I would call an area of “evolving development” where all the bits are not joined up :-(.

    My conjectures as to why, are below.
    Conjectures cause I don’t know for sure and the system works well enough that it doesn’t bug me every time I use the DE ;-)

    Applications use fontconfig possibly because it gives the “best answers” or a more complete set of answers on most systems. (not sure what was used before fontconfig).

    DEs haven’t been coded to use fontconfig possibly because -
    a) the fonctonfig API is complex
    b) makes the user interface more complex
    c) apps using the GUI toolkit retrieve fonts using the toolkit API.
    d) current set of apps all ask for different things for example as you stated Firefox requests for a serif font, dunno what Chrome does but clearly it does not ask for a serif font.

    I can see that user interface would become more complicated, you’d have entries for things like serif and so on, and then you’d have provide help saying what the font is used for - which from what I can see is complicated

    Somewhere along the line someone will get bugged enough to do something about it and one day we may have simplified settings. For our use case perhaps something silly like ‘browser fonts’, so all browsers use the same set of fonts for a nice uniform experience.
    As far as I can this is a lot of work and negotiation from all involved parties!

  • searching net for something like “bad fonts in browse XY” (About 57,200,000 results) “bad font rendering in browser XY” (4.250.000 hits)
    This is like this for ages…

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