• Flatpak profile.d error

    Hi, folks,

    For the flatpak package that was published today, I encountered a problem after a reboot - no matter what DE I’m using (I use Gnome but have XFCE installed as a fallback), it immediately logged out. Switching to console (Ctrl-Alt-F2) allowed me to log in. Checking .xsession-errors, I saw this:

    /etc/profile.d/flatpak.sh: line 12: syntax error near unexpected token `('
    /etc/profile.d/flatpak.sh: line 12: `done < <(echo "${XDG_DATA_HOME:-"$HOME/.local/share"}/flatpak"; flatpak --installations)'

    I was able to get it working by removing the flatpak package (sudo pacman -R flatpak). This isn’t a problem for me because I don’t actually use flatpak, but could be a problem for people who actually need the package.

    Workaround in one form, for those who may not know their way around Linux/command line:

    • CTRL-ALT-F2 (this will switch to a text console, tty2)
    • log in. your password will be invisible, and you won’t see dummy characters. this is normal. trust you’re tying it correctly
    • sudo pacman -R flatpak
    • reboot

    (you can also restart your login manager, if you know what it is, instead of rebooting. the command for that is “sudo systemctl restart {login manager}”. I use lightdm, for example, and it’s “sudo systemctl restart lightdm”)

    (EDIT: Console command correction :) )

    EDIT ---- The repackage released Jan 16 fixed the glitch. I was able to reinstall Flatpak and confirmed by rebooting that the issue is no longer present.

  • @TaraF


    I have the same issue.

    I’m not ‘using’ flatpak, but it IS installed

    sudo pacman -U flatpak gives following error:

    error: ‘flatpak’ : could not find or read package


  • @keithy My bad… I typed U, but it’s R.

    sudo pacman -R flatpak


  • Thanks,

    I should have known that too. but I’ve been staring at logs for the last hour :)

  • There was an issue on Github recently and they issued a fix for that. For those of you who wants to use it immediately, can replace their


    with the file in this commit.
    I tried it and it did not crash at login with this.

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