• sistem setting not run on fresh install of antergos openbox

    hi there, i’ve just installed antergos in a new notebook, i choose openbox version. Plank icons theme are really bad for me and i would like to change them. Sistem setting does not run how can i fix it?

  • @tosal
    I’m not an expert on Openbox and not using it, but if you can run a terminal, then maybe program obconf or obconf-qt could be used for tweaking?

  • hi, unfortunately obconf does not let me choose icons theme.
    i also tried to run in a terminale lxappearance but it return segmentation error (core dump created)
    Any suggestion?

  • Hi @tosal,

    nice that you are using Openbox. Its a really good lightweight WM and very low on resources. Furthermore, its highly customizable. But since it is a window manager it lacks some features of the heavy desktop environments like Gnome or KDE. Normally Openbox comes without a panel or taskbar by default. The antergos meta port adds plank and tint2 afa I know.

    Getting a consistent look throughout your desktop you have to do some configuration by hand.

    First of all you can configure the look of your windows with obconf. This includes the layout of the window titlebar, the OB menu as well as the fonts for window titles and menus. I would recommend to try some openbox themes. There are many out there.

    Then you can handle the look of your gtk apps, e.g. via lxappearance. Dont know why you have problems with it. Try to install lxappearance-gtk. Here you can configure your gtk theme, your font, cursor theme etc.
    If you also use qt apps configure it via qt5ct (you have to set the env variable QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct).

    The icon and the theme of plank only depends on the configuration of plank itself. And there is the problem: Customization on Plank is absolutely zero without installing third party packages. All you get stock is simple drag and drop reordering of icons and the ability to pin different things to the dock. So I would recommend to use a more customizable dock like AWN or Docky.

    Personally I dont use the antergos meta port for Openbox and use lightweight panels and docks like pypanel. But that is just my preference. I like to customize the desktop myself.

    Hope that gives you a first insight. Dont hesitate to ask further on.


  • @tdaemon your answer reads like the new wiki entry for openbox ;)

  • Thanks @joekamprad!
    I really like using lightwight wms and openbox is mostly my choice for the past 2 years. Its easy to use my config on different machines and OSs thats really comfortable :).

    Dunno how the current status of openbox integration in Antergos looks like but I can provide some of my scripts and tweaks. E.g. for politely closing windows when session is closed. Think I will inspect the meta port soon but I dont like some preinstalled features like plank ;).

    Greetz from Hannover

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