• Some programs use an ugly/incorrect font

    Hi, I noticed that some applications are not able to find its correct font and use what it seems to be some kind of ‘new times roman’ instead. There’s some way to correct this behavior? Thank you.

    OBS (Antergos)
    Simple screen recorder (Antergos)
    Anki (Antergos )

  • I assume you’re using Gnome as a desktop environment, the apps you’ve summed up are QT5 apps. You can install qgnomeplatform from the AUR, this will give the QT apps a more uniform look.

  • @zeioth or setup theming and fonts with qt5ct
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-01-15 16-13-23.png

  • I didn’t noticed they were QT apps. Thank you guys, this fixed the problem!
    (I’m on XFCE)

  • @zeioth you are welcome.

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