• Blank desktop after login (tty toggle fixes it?)

    So I have a NVIDIA 1080TI so using those drivers, and recently I have had this issue where I login normally but it just goes to a black desktop with only the mouse cursor showing.

    Now I know there are 100 related issues with black/blank screen but this one seems different because I can switch to say Alt-F2 tty then back again via Alt-F7 and there is my desktop working as intended.

    I will grab the x11 log and past a link below. APCI fails when I do ctrl-alt-backspace to restart the x session, but I don’t believe its related.


    At [ 1532.342] I believe is where it just sits and waits at black desktop forever until I do the TTY switching trick, I have had this happen before but its usually gone away.

    My xorg nvidia config file for completion.
    (note I only just turned on HardDPMS, it makes not difference)


  • Weird, switching to GUI, from tty should be Ctrl-Alt-F1 not F7.

  • It can be F1-F6, with the desktop xfce running on F7.

    Anyway as mysteriously as this problem appeared, it is now gone again… no idea if I did a update that fixed it or not, shrug…

  • Ah okay, maybe xfce is on F7, I’ve use KDE almost exclusively and on multiple distros and the desktop is on F1 for all of them.
    Anyways good that the issue has gone away.
    However since you don’t know why, it is possible that there is an existing race condition, so it could comeback.
    That said, shrug is the right approach at this moment :-)

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