• how to turn off gnome power suspend when no on is logged in?

    How do I turn off auto power suspend when no one is logged in? If I turn on my computer and don’t log in, the root power setting seems to suspend the computer. if I log in I can turn this off my my session, but if I log out it looks like GDM has its own power settings. Does anyone know where I can find these? I’d like to change it so my computer does not suspend when no one is logged it.
    Thanks in advance

  • @galvez_65

    Click on the “Options-Volume-Power” icon in the task bar.
    Click on the “Options” icon
    Under the “Settings” column (left Side of screen) click on “power”
    Set “Blank Screen” to never in the drop down menu.
    I also set “Automatic Suspend” to off.

    Should do it for you.

  • @pudge that works for a given session, but what if no one is logged in, GDM seems to suspend the computer is no on logs in. Unless I’m missing something

  • @galvez_65

    First, I apologize that I missed that galvez_65 was talking about “auto power suspend when no one is logged in”. I guess I had a Senior Moment.

    Now I am confused. At installation, I choose Gnome for the desktop and that installs Gnome and LightDM for the desktop manager.

    I checked, and I have LightDM installed, and GDM is NOT installed.
    You two are talking about GDM and it’s separate power config. Was there an option I missed at installation that installs GDM? I assume LightDM is used as default with Gnome since I do not remember specifying LightDM.

    I also noticed a package named “lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings” that is not installed. Would this allow a user to config LightDM power settings? When I get time later, I will install this and play around with it.

  • @pudge Antergos default is lightdm with lightdm-webkit2-greeter.
    lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings is only for configurating lightdm-gtk-greeter

  • @joekamprad

    So there are two versions of LightDM. Have pity on an old man, there is only so much information I can assimilate in one day. ☺

    The OP was referring to GDM settings, and the posted link also referred to GDM. If Antergos uses LightDM as default, I still am not getting the connection between GDM and LightDM. Unless the OP installed GDM post installation, wouldn’t the OP need to be looking at a config file for LightDM? Or does LightDM rely on GDM somehow, such as some GDM libraries? I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here, but my curiosity has been raised and I am trying to figure this out.

    Sorry for stealing the OP’s thread. Enough thread drift on my part, back to the OP’s original question.

  • @joekamprad

    Wow, great Wiki article you wrote. Thanks, now I understand.

  • i’ll mark this [email protected] said in how to turn off gnome power suspend when no on is logged in?:


    Cool, thank you this looks like exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll mark this solved as soon as I verity it.

  • @galvez_65 write here too if I can help.

  • @joekamprad Thank you. I was finally able to get the time to check this out and it works as advertised

  • @joekamprad Works Great Thank you

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