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    Hello, I have just installed Antergos 19.1 KDE with the minimal iso thing but somehow i discovered that some packages were not installed, like antergos-kde-meta. Can I get a list of what should a fresh kde installation include ?
    by the way i noticed that after the first reboot, systemd removed about 4 packages during the reboot

  • The Antergos meta package is for when you install a DE on your existing install, it brings the DE with some Antergos settings. (If you want two DE’S alongside or you decide to switch DE.) When you’re doing a fresh install Cnchi installs the system with those Antergos settings, so that’s why it isn’t installed on your system.

    About systemd, there were some bugs in the system that could be used by hackers. Redhat is fixing those bugs, so it is problably related by that. Could you tell us which packages were removed?

  • @Bryanpwo this page https://bit.ly/2H8G6Se says that kde should have pidgin and clementine, i have neither

  • @mekschr thanks for pointing on the applist ( Dec 22, 2015 ) may @developers change the preinstalled apps, so we need to update the page …

    pidgin and clementine are not inside antergos-kde-meta but easy to install them if you want:
    sudo pacman -S pidgin clementine

  • @joekamprad The thing is that when i installed clementine from pamac, when i open it, it doesn’t open
    so basically antergos-kde-meta is what is installed when you choose kde in cnchi ?

  • @mekschr said in Weird Installation:

    so basically antergos-kde-meta is what is installed when you choose kde in cnchi

    as far as I know it will be the same list of packages.

    But as far as I know Antergos is not doing something pre-config on clementine // music apps, as there is nothing related under /etc/skel to do so…

    this is may a BUG not completely solved …

    clementine: error while loading shared libraries: liblastfm.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    just uninstall it and take liblastfm-qt4 instead of preselcted qt5 version…
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-01-15 07-15-08.png

  • @joekamprad yeah, that made clementine work, so according to antergos-kde-meta, i shouldn’t be worried that not all kde apps are installed like ktorrent or so on, alright that’s nice. Thanks a lot for helping me

  • @mekschr & @joekamprad
    That those two aren’t in the complete package may not be a bug, KDE neon doesn’t ship them also as default. Clementine has been replaced by Amarok and pidgin by Kopete.

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