• Very slow UEFI boot - and only to GRUB

    Just did a dual boot with Win 10, used etcher to write the latest image to a USB. Booted the live image and installed the usual way (home, root and swap to a single SSD - selected the EFI partition of Windows with no format for the bootloader)

    Not only does it take forever to load up the UEFI boot now, it does not go straight to Antergos but instead loads up the GRUB command line.

    Always anticipating problems I backed up the EFI partition before hand. Going straight to the Windows Boot Loader still takes forever now, it takes forever now to initialize the UEFI boot sequence and my keyboard doesn’t work for 15 solid seconds after being booted up into windows.

    Any idea what happened?

    Edit: I just remembered I didn’t end up using Etcher since it gave me me multiple errors. The USB Boot option didn’t work and the CD/DVD option got me stuck at the ant-19 login: screen

    Had to use RUFUS with the .iso imaging mode.

    Honestly, you guys don’t have a beta branch for this? Just looking at the forums all these issues seem very common. Who committed this crap?

  • @rammwurst said in Very slow UEFI boot - and only to GRUB:

    Who committed this crap?

    Lot a users do not have issues with this crap… and can boot fine.

    So problem may caused by some issues with special setup/hardware.

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