• Install was successful but system enters grub prompt

    I am on a Dell Precision M4700 with its standard disk as sda and an extra SSD as sdb. The disk sda is /home. System gets installed in sdb. Bootloader in sda (as proposed by cnchi). Installation finishes, informs that grub was successfully installed and asks for reboot. So I say
    OK, reboot, but shutdown never finishes, it gets stuck. If I forcefully power down the machine then on boot I am left with the grub prompt.
    On the Bios level, I have Legacy bios enabled (uefi disabled) and my system only holds this installation (no Windows or anything else).

    Is such an issue known? Thanks.

  • @atsol There is at least one current issue this could be so is there an error message on the grub screen? Can you type anything? Can you switch to a TTY (Ctrl-alt-F2)?

  • @atsol why you are choosing to use legacy instead of more modern uefi?

  • @atsol
    To have a better picture of the issues, could you show the output of these terminal commands:

    sudo fdisk -l
    lsblk -fm

    e.g. by booting the USB installer stick?

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