• stuck at the "Partition" bit of the install procedure...

    @Finrod you are welcome!

    and sure you can shrink from Antergos-LIVE-ISO, will need to reboot the live system after shrinking, to make the changes available to the installer. So I would say it is faster to do both from windows boot…

  • ok, here again with a new profile as there was no way to get in with the old one… I’ll probably have to create a 3rd next time I’ll log etc. ;-)
    Now, after the defrag and the shrinking of the partition from Windows (and again with gparted, as Window allowed me only half of the space and I want more, as 99% of the time I’ll use this machine with Linux) I went through the installer phases without problems.
    Installation finished and rebooted… since then it always boots into Windows :-(
    I’ve set Windows last on the boot order, but no change, it always boots into that, well unless there’s the live connected to usb of course :-(
    Leaving for a meeting, I’ll read eventual replies later this night.

  • Do you get a boot menu ?
    Or do it boot straight to windows?
    Looks like grub bootloader is not installed right…

  • hi,
    This time I can’t log in with Finrod2 but with this account…
    No, straight into Windows :-(
    Should I start again all the install process or there’s a way to reinstall grub only?

  • thanks! Having a look at the link… :-)

  • followed the instructions, but it still doesn’t work, it just boots into Windows whatever I try…
    Tried to disable the AMD Platform Security Processor, then reactivated… tired uefi first, legacy first… it’s always the same :-(

    I’m actually wondering about giving up, and keeping the laptop as Antergos (or Windows…) only as I need the machine in working order :-(

  • you do have sda1 mounted on /boot/efi on installation of Antergos?
    and try reinstalling grub gives any error messages from chroot?

  • Yes to the first question.
    I did get lots of “warnings” (but after the grub-mkconfig… command, the grub-install… bit was more uneventful) but they seemed about sdb or sda partitions where windows is (but I admit I didn’t look that carefully).
    Also I skipped this command:

    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot

    because I assumed I don’t have any extra /boot partition, right?

    As always, many thanks (and if you don’t see the like “heart” it’s just because on this forum I’m struggling also with that).

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