• Installation failure - error creating metalink

    Hello. I’m trying to install version 19.1 and cnchi fails with these errors. Full log on pastebin. This same thing happened to me on a different machine and I eventually got it to work just by retrying a few times. What causes this? I think the package name is irrelevant, because it fails on a different package each time.

    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [DEBUG  ] ALPM repository database order is: ['core', 'extra', 'community', 'multilib']  (pac.py:100)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ] Cannot sync Antergos repository database!  (metalink.py:322)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ] Cannot load antergos repository database  (metalink.py:409)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ] Unable to create download queue for package wpa_actiond  (metalink.py:125)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ] Error creating metalink for package wpa_actiond. Installation will stop  (download.py:178)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ] 'Error creating metalink for package wpa_actiond. Installation will stop'  (process.py:185)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ] Traceback (most recent call last):  (process.py:190)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ]   File "/usr/share/cnchi/src/installation/process.py", line 145, in run
        self.create_metalinks_list()  (process.py:190)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ]   File "/usr/share/cnchi/src/installation/process.py", line 91, in create_metalinks_list
        self.down.create_metalinks_list()  (process.py:190)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ]   File "/usr/share/cnchi/src/misc/extra.py", line 194, in helper
        return func(*args, **kwargs)  (process.py:190)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ]   File "/usr/share/cnchi/src/download/download.py", line 181, in create_metalinks_list
        raise misc.InstallError(txt)  (process.py:190)
    2019-01-11 01:41:57 [ERROR  ] misc.extra.InstallError: 'Error creating metalink for package wpa_actiond. Installation will stop'  (process.py:190)


  • @llamafilm I can confirm this too on try to install XFCE …

  • I tried following karasu’s instructions here to choose the mirrors, but it fails. I discovered this file is empty. How should I fix this?

  • @judd ok so remirror is replacing reflector. Cool. But isn’t this just for ranking the mirrors which the system already knows about? Is this supposed to be necessary for a new install? I’m not terribly concerned with finding the fastest mirror possible, I just want it to work.
    In this case, my mirrors file is empty. I copied the contents from Github and that seems to have fixed it.

  • Solved ??2019-01-11-161108_787x117_scrot.png

  • @judd Sure, we can call it solved. Although I don’t understand why this file was empty in the first place.

  • @llamafilm as far as I know the file will be added by cnchi now.

    after ranking there is antergos-mirrorlist created:

    [[email protected] ~]$ cat /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist 
    # antergos mirrorlist generated by cnchi #
    Server = https://mirror.alpix.eu/antergos/$repo/$arch
    Server = https://mirrors.nic.cz/antergos/$repo/$arch
    Server = https://mirror.umd.edu/antergos/$repo/$arch
  • today install is back as working again without this error!

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