• Installation from USB device not possible

    I have a new Laptop (USB 3.0 only!) with Win10 on it. Have shrinked C: to make place for Antergos. Have used different USB devices and different Antergos downloads. Have used Etcher and Rufus.

    When I create the USB installation device with iso option and try to install I get:
    mount: /run/archiso/bootmnt: unknown filesystem type ‘vfat’
    ERROR: failed to mount ‘/dev/disk/by-label/ANTERGOS’
    Falling back to interactive prompt
    You can try to fix the problem manually, log out when you are finished
    sh: can’t access tty: job control turned off

    When I use the dd option and try to install I get:
    Failed to start loader.efi: (14) Not Found

    Any help appreciated, would love to stick with Antergos, but seems impossible at the moment 😟

  • @nachbar If you selected USB from the install options then try CD/DVD instead

  • That’s it 👍 !
    I could swear that I tried this before, thought I had tried all options 😳 . Anyway tried again thanks to your post and seems like I can walk through the installation process now. Thanks again!

  • @nachbar
    Agreed with @robgriff444, use CD/DVD instead after creating the stick with dd option of rufus or etcher.

  • Anyone got any idea why the USB option fails (or why the option even exists)? I had the same problem when I first installed and I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times since with other users so it should be sorted instead of us giving out the same solution.

  • Many times the energy that reaches the USB ports is not optimal, so always try to plug in the number one device, that is, the one closest to the motherboard.

    In most cases it is the port that is on the same side of the HDMI or the RJ-45 Ethernet female.

    In my case on the left side.

  • @judd Maybe on an old machine or with old cables and a new MBD like mine (front 2 cabled USBs are flakey) but not on the ports on the MBD, and I always use a rear port for installation so this is a software / config problem.

  • @robgriff444

    I understand, I was referring to portable or laptop machines.
    I have a case like yours, with that MBD front and I have to look for which is better, but if it is always the one in the back!

  • @robgriff444

    Excuse my terrible English, I use translate.google

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