• broadcom-wl from antergos repo not working

    I have a laptop with a bcm4313 card which doesn’t work with broadcom-wl provided by antergos (i can’t load it with modprobe). I found that same packege in the arch community repository, which works flawlessly.
    broadcom-wl-dkms also works.

    So, my cuestion is, can anyone remove broadcom-wl from antergos repo and use the one found in arch community repo?


    By the way this is my first post so i don’t know if i selected the right place to post it or if this is the way anyone should ask for this.

  • @alerum
    I don’t know why there is an Antergos version of it, since Arch version is newer.

    @developers may change it.

    If this Antergos version is really needed, it should be renamed to e.g. broadcom-wl- and let the Arch version be the default.

    You may use the dkms version (until this is resolved), there should be no harm with it.

  • EDIT by manuel: sorry, I accidentally edited your post! Sorry for that. Didn’t even know it is possible…

  • @alerum
    I meant to say that you can keep using the dkms version until this is resolved.
    And thanks for the heads up!

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