• Extremely slow downloading

    Cnchi is downloading packages with extremely slow speeds like 10 kbps although my download speed is 5 mbps. Can someone help me please ? I’m using Antergos 19.1 Minimal ISO.

  • @mekschr17 I can’t say I’ve had that problem although I have only installed with the Live ISO but anyway, it always took ~10 mins total on mine with a high-speed fibre and I never looked at bandwidth so how long is it taking in all?

  • @mekschr17 may a problem with a mirror

  • Undoubtedly, problems of mirrors or problems with your inet provider.

  • …or wireless connection to wifi router… or issue with the wifi chipset/device

  • Also defective cables … 😁

  • yes! or DSLAM has a malfunction!

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