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    Today I installed Antergos but I didn’t notice the “Show Advanced Features” checkbox in features menu.
    Is there a way to install these features except re-installing the system ?

  • There’s no option in the cnchi installer to run only the application installation so I guess not.
    If you’re familiar with Arch and can follow the wiki, it may be ok to manually install things but I couldn’t get Steam working with my saved home files due to some mismatch so I had to do it again with auto. This wasn’t Antergos’ fault so I’m just saying what could happen.
    For example, Vivaldi can be installed manually but printers requires a few extra steps (including editing at least one file - explained in the wiki but not obvious).
    So it depends.

  • i agree with what @robgriff444 say.

    It is surely possible to get stuff configured as the installer would do for you.
    You can read the wiki (archwiki, antergos-wiki) to get stuff like printers working, that’s not magical.

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