• Antergos HANGS itself every one/two days

    @Quantum_Sniper sad to see you go, but studies are on top of your list!

    So have success and enjoy studying, and use the system that can best serve you.

  • @Quantum_Sniper

    Come back whenever you want, good luck!

  • @Quantum_Sniper
    Quite understandable, life is too short for struggling with stuff that is not the prime goal.

    Anyway, if you still like Antergos (excluding the problems), there is a way to use it with somewhat less pain: use it in a virtual machine. Then most hardware issues are history. Of course there’s a gotcha: you need to have at least 8GB of RAM (and preferably more) to run it without being too slow.

    Of course virtual machine doesn’t make it fully trouble free. But if you are interested, I’d say it is worth a try.
    In general, virtual machines are quite handy for several reasons. For example, to try some software or settings you wouldn’t want to try on your production machine.

  • @Quantum_Sniper yup it is what it is, and things can get pretty hectic when something breaks.

    Personally I just can’t use Debian just because of the way too old packages. This is going little bit offtopic but I would suggest, as you seem to love the Arch base (just like propably all of us) and don’t want to tinker with the system with all the rolling updates, is to try Manjaro.

    Manjaro and Antergos are my main loved linux distros at this time. I use Manjaro stable on my main laptop (Thinkpad T480) as it’s something that I do all my main work and also my freelance journalist stuff. As Manjaro holds back the “normal” packages and tests them before rolling to stable (Unstable=Arch Stable -> Manjaro Testing -> Manjaro stable) I’ll usually update once a week or two.

    Also have another machine (a 2in1 actually) that is now my “backup” machine and testing platform. It has both Manjaro (unstable) and Antergos installed on dual boot. Mostly using Antergos on that one as it needs more “on time” updating

  • Issue not longer relevant.
    This is gone off topic too…


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