• What are AntergosRoot and ANTERGOS_ROOT locations on the Dolphin?


    I have AntergosRoot and ANTERGOS_ROOT entries showing on the “Devices” section on Dolphin file manager. My desktop environment is KDE. Here is a screenshot which shows AntergosROOT and ANTERGOS_ROOT entries:

    (sorry, the screenshot is in Finnish language)

    Also when I further investigated these locations they seems to have same files. Also ANTERGOS_ROOT have a little orange lock on its name (Devices section) as you can see from the screenshot above. I have no idea what these could be. Before I installed Antergos on my SSD (I have only one hard drive!) I deleted all the partitions with Windows 10 USB via diskpart commands to ensure that the hard drive is empty. Upon the Antergos installation I did chose the automated installation (so no custom!) and I chose to encrypt my hard drive if that matters. Also my boot loader is systemd-boot and Antergos is my only OS installed. Here is a screenshot what KDE Partition Manager shows:

    Partition Manager

    So what AntergosROOT and ANTERGOS_ROOT locations could be? I will appreciate any help.

  • @alfamies97 If you right-click on the devices entries, then select properties, you can see amongst other things, File System, Mounted On, and Mounted From.

    For the record my installation doesn’t show anything like what you see.
    Could one of those antergos roots be from an antergos USB stick which is still plugged in?

  • @BlaiseD

    Both AntergosRoot and ANTERGOS_ROOT shows exactly same information.

    File System: ext4

    Mounted on: /

    Mounted from: /dev/mapper/cryptAntergos

    Could one of those antergos roots be from an antergos USB stick which is still plugged in?

    No, I don’t have any USB sticks plugged. Also I have rebooted my PC multiple times and everything works perfectly etc.
    Could these be something related to encryption and systemd-boot (?) because ANTERGOS_ROOT has the orange lock while `AntergosRoot’ doesn’t. I’m just wondering what these could be.

  • Sorry I haven’t used encrypted partitions or systemd-boot ever, so don’t know for sure.
    Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chip in? :-)

    Since properties shows that the mount point is the same, I would expect that there is a single line in /etc/fstab for mount point /, but have a look at that file anyways.

    The orange lock icon probably indicates that ANTERGOS_ROOT is mounted read-only.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I have the same issue. I played with terminal and found this:

    sudo blkid command:

    /dev/sda1: LABEL_FATBOOT="AntergosBoo" LABEL="AntergosBoo" UUID="BB38-D6BD" TYPE="vfat" PARTLABEL="ANTERGOS_BOOT" PARTUUID="050ceed5-782a-4425-8894-ef14c9fc7eac"

    /dev/sda2: UUID="edd4f405-1fb3-4dd9-9c7a-e468476eb111" TYPE="crypto_LUKS" PARTLABEL="ANTERGOS_ROOT" PARTUUID="7d104c54-0199-4ce1-8555-9f258b2f4b94"

    /dev/sda3: LABEL="AntergosSwap" UUID="46923bfa-0890-4fab-912a-7d43ece5fa2a" TYPE="swap" PARTLABEL="ANTERGOS_SWAP" PARTUUID="2cd188f6-b0cd-44c7-8a0e-b85d0e67954e"

    /dev/mapper/cryptAntergos: LABEL="AntergosRoot" UUID="1a38e568-4be4-45e9-81e3-30eadf97de4c" TYPE="ext4"

    The command returns ANTERGOS_ROOT as “crypto_LUKS”.


    I also found this Antergos setup script which creates ANTERGOS_ROOT partition.

  • @alfamies97
    just installed Dolphin and saw what’s in my Devices section.
    Seems that this section contains only partition labels from all disks.

    You may want to check the labels of your system with this command:

    lsblk -fm

    Also the blkid command shows them.

    And it probably is so that encryption provides some more labels there. However I cannot confirm that since I don’t have an encrypted system here.
    Probably @joekamprad can check it, AFAIK he has encrypted system(s) available.

    BTW, Finnish language is great and easy to read, no need to apologize! :)

  • i do only have done it this way:


    What have some differences in setting up LUKS and LVM…

  • @manuel

    I’m not OP but I ran lsblk -fm command and the output is this:


    I saw that the empty label’s UUID is exactly the same what I got from the blkid command on the ANTERGOS_ROOT.

    /dev/sda2: UUID="edd4f405-1fb3-4dd9-9c7a-e468476eb111" TYPE="crypto_LUKS" PARTLABEL="ANTERGOS_ROOT" PARTUUID="7d104c54-0199-4ce1-8555-9f258b2f4b94"

    So could ANTERGOS_ROOT be encryption related? I need to test this further on the virtual machine if I can.

  • @lucas
    Great find, seems that both LABEL and PARTLABEL is used as a label in some programs.

  • also on my crypt install dolphin show the crypted device itself and the holding unencrypted ones:
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-01-19 10-33-25.png
    crypted device is the 111,5 GiB verschlüsseltes Laufwerk (111,5 GiB encrypted device)
    holding rooty/homee/data/boot

    but i do not have a name for the crypted disk and so it do not show a name for it…

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