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    I often remove packages manually (#pacman -R or -Rs) by going to [/ var / cache / pacman / pkg]. Now, when I type this command, I am prompted that the package was not found. Before that I update the database by #pacman -Syy. Where did I make a mistake?

  • To remove cache use paccache:

    sudo paccache -d

    and then

    sudo pacman -rk1     

    I use 0 to prune everything, but 1 is more convenient.

  • @Simon said in Removing packages:

    I often remove packages manually

    what do you do exactly?

    never remove a packagage manually, use pacman or helper for this, because if you remove it manually without pacman, database will be screwed…

  • @joekamprad Dear Moderator, but I wrote that I used pacman (I mean singly). For some reason, I did not delete the cache, but it surprised me a bit, because I have a lot of free space in / var … Now I know that I should not do it this way.

    Thank you all very much for your quick response

    P.S. The last 6-7 days I could not log in.

  • @Simon said in Removing packages:

    PD Los últimos 6-7 días no pude iniciar sesión.

    Have you updated the system?

  • @judd
    Yes, I did not specify - sorry, I mean logging in to ‘forum.antergos.com’ (wrong user name or password). I tried to use another linux (cinnamon mint), later even in someone on the unfortunate window$, but to no avail. The problem is quite known: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/11120/can-t-login-to-account

    Now it looks like it’s OK.

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