• Wifi printer setup for new installations

    @joekamprad Any chance that this can be added to the ISO so wifi printers work out of the box? I’ve learnt to set mine up but it would be best for new users IMO. This is what I do (from the Arch wiki) but I don’t really know what is best for this so maybe you know a better way?

    Anyway, this is my solution (Canon Pixma TS3100 wifi):

    Avahi scans for wifi printers & provides local hostname resolution using nss-mdns package. Enable it as follows:

    1. Install nss-mdns
    2. Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf and change the hosts: line to include the following (inserted right before resolve and dns):
    mdns_minimal [NOTFOUND=return]
    1. Add user to sys, start avahi & restart cups:
    sudo usermod -a -G sys [username]
    systemctl start avahi-daemon.service && systemctl restart org.cups.cupsd.service
  • @robgriff444 i am not developing Antergos, so the question should go @developers.

    But you may want to say adding this to installation, so that wifi printers working out of the box from installed Antergos? or do you want to have this available on installer ISO (booting from ISO // USB) ?

    As far as I know, avahi and cups are enabled if you choose “enable printer support” from installer, may also for wifi printers?

  • Thanks. I don’t personally see a need for it working from the live ISO but that’s just me. I mean for an installed system, i.e. to be set up as a part of the cnchi option for printers.
    I’ve installed multiple times in the last few days and I always choose install printers in cnchi and each time I have to install mss-dns and edit the nsswitch file.
    And yes, cups and avahi are installed.

  • I can go forward to create an enhancement report on GitHub, if you do not have a GitHub account?


  • Thanks @joekamprad yes I do have a github account but it seems you beat me to it!

  • @robgriff444 you can comment on it too, so it will be more force behind it ;)

  • @joekamprad Jeez that was quick, you lot are great!

  • remarked it as unsolved till it is commented by devs…

  • I don’t understand, didn’t Karasu fix it in #1118? I looked through his code and it referenced the relevant parts so I assumed it was finished.

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