• Cnchi trying to reach (VM-install)

    I was trying to install Antergos to a vm this morning and it looks like my office is now blocking which cnchi is trying to reach. Am I out of luck?

  • @galvez_65 Maybe you could try changing the mirrors manually during the install process. Instead of letting Cnchi sort the mirrors try manually changing the mirrors.

    There’s also a package called reflector for getting the best mirrors for your location. Try this:

    sudo pacman -S reflector
    reflector --score 100 -l 50 -f 10 --sort rate --verbose

    If you get confused with the syntax use

    reflector -h
  • @galvez_65
    It is trying to connect to http://ftp.rediris.es, one of the Antergos mirrors. Another mirror may (or may not) work.
    But if your office is blocking that kind of traffic, then you’re out of luck I guess.

  • @manuel looks like that may be it, where or rather how do I set the mirror preference?

  • @manuel actually the url you posted I can get to, cnchi seems to want to connect to the directly which is being blocked.

  • @galvez_65
    If the problem occurs in cnchi only after user selected mirrors, then selecting some other mirrors might help.
    But if it happens before user even selects mirrors, then unfortunately I think there’s no easy way changing that mirror.

    But if the problem is the blocking by the office, can you use some other connection, like the one on your phone?

  • @manuel Ended up just editing the extra.py file and removed the offending IP address from the IP check. I was able to install in a VM without issues

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