• Antergos live usb showing up with an error every time

    today i decided to install antergos linux on my laptop. when i went to boot the live environment, it showed up with an error no matter which boot option i chose, and whether i used uefi or legacy to boot. the only option i didn’t choose is the nvidia fallback (my laptop uses an athlon amd apu) and all of them showed up with that error message. any help would be appreciated! https://imgur.com/9oCEqLU

  • @WhatTheHec Have you made the bootable USB correctly? If you use Rufus to make the bootable USB, make sure that you select GPT and choose the recommended ISO image.

  • I have had a lot of problems with Rufus and Linux ISOs. Try with Etcher/BalenaEtcher to burn the ISO

  • When that message appears, just wait a second or 15 and the live environment will boot up.

  • @Bryanpwo nope, no boot sadly.

  • @inffy thank you! that actually worked.

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