Hey everyone, new to the community here. I thought I would give somthing back.

[b:k31z5w7r]What does this script do exactly?[/b:k31z5w7r]
1. Adds the xorg115 and catalyst repos to /etc/pacman.conf
2. Enables the multilib repo
3. Updates the database and imports the key for catalyst repos
4. Downgrades xorg and related dependencies
5. Removes open source ATI drivers
6. Installs all catalyst packages and dependencies 32bit and 64bit (including QT4)
7. Enables services in systemd
8. Uses amdconfig --initial to configure xorg.

Download the Script here: [url:k31z5w7r]http://www.mediafire.com/download/emayl162i2oi5gw/installCatalyst[/url:k31z5w7r]

Run with the following command, and follow the prompts.

sudo ./InstallCatalyst

There is very little error checking, this script assumes the user is capable of picking up on errors, and can solve problems that arise.