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    I find Antergos to be the best distro for me after usng linux exclusively for about 6 years. I appreciate all the work the devs do to provide it. I can’t figure out how to get conky to display “Antergos” instead of “Arch Linux.” I am using the “distribution” variable in the .conkyrc file.

  • is that something like lsb_release -a ?

  • @rocket said in Full Distro & Version Names in Conky:

    “distribution” variable in the .conkyrc

    The name of the distribution. It could be that some of the untested distributions will show up wrong or as "unknown", if that's the case post a bug on sourceforge, make sure it contains the name of your distribution, the contents of /proc/version and if there is a file that only exists on your distribution, also add the path of that file in the bug. If there is no such file, please add another way which we can use to identify your distribution.
  • Yes, ringo32, although what I really want to display in conky is what you get with lsb_release -d.

  • Yes, joekamprad, I was aware of the note you cited, but there is nothing in the proc/version file, and I did not know what else to submit for the bug report.

  • ${exec lsb_release -sir}

    should work…

    lsb_release -sir 
    Antergos rolling
    Usage: lsb_release [OPTION]...
    With no OPTION specified it is the same as -v.
      -v, --version
        Display the version of the LSB specification against which the distribution is compliant.
      -i, --id
        Display the string id of the distributor.
      -d, --description
        Display the single line text description of the distribution.
      -r, --release
        Display the release number of the distribution.
      -c, --codename
        Display the codename according to the distribution release.
      -a, --all
        Display all of the above information.
      -s, --short
        Display all of the above information in short output format.
      -h, --help
        Display this message.
  • @joekamprad said in Full Distro & Version Names in Conky:

    ${exec lsb_release -sir}

    joekamprad, ${exec lsb_release -sir} does work and resolves my problem. Thanks very much.

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