• Linux 4.20 has arrived

    for linux 4.14 lts you better need the Aur linux-lts414 , official linux 4.14 end january 2020 but it could have also a prolonge life who knows, recently 4.9 prolonge there life… if you use from aur and need to build yeah i would look also to have ccache installed if you gona update regulary atleast not to long build time on second build ?
    ( for ccache see wiki)

    :) mayby on arch unofficial repositories do have some older lts version…

  • @ringo32
    Oh yes, that’s a better way to use 4.14 than downgrading, thanks!

  • @manuel The idea was simply to boot into 4.14 kernel actually, that’s if you have several kernels as back-ups… I was however jumping the gun a bit here as I’ve only just realized I’ve, now, only 4.19LTS and 4.20 installed. My bad!

  • @frenchconnection I think I will wait for the next kernel release then. The situation is a little bit better because of the help I have received from my other forum post. In distros like Manjaro, all LTS kernels are in the official repos while in Arch/Antergos they are found in the AUR. Thanks for reminding @ringo32 . If my problem still persists in the future, I will definitely try this 👍

  • I to have found that my CPU is running 10 degrees cooler with 4.20

  • @jefferyw
    That’s interesting, have to measure it here too.

  • Here I couldn’t get any notable difference in the CPU temperature between kernels 4.20 and 4.19 in a short test.

  • @manuel Ok that’s surprising I run psensor and in elementary os I was running at 45c and in antergos its is about 37c.

  • @jefferyw
    Originally measured with glances.
    Now tried psensor too, but the same result, no notable difference.
    Both programs show the temperature change very quickly when running some heavy programs.

  • @jefferyw ubuntu base vs. Archlinux

  • Ok, the only reason I noticed it was my Acer laptop was running very hot before and slow. The new kernel has made a big difference for me.

  • @jefferyw
    Maybe you already have it installed, but it couldn’t hurt to install thermald also.

    Just install it and enable it with:

    sudo systemctl enable thermald

    You will notice the difference after some time, but it has been always my go to tool for temperature control within Linux.

  • each kernel update it notice a bit but when kernel progressed is all about the same , possible support on newer hardware is +1…

  • notice some issues now, seems some lag here on my part dont know what it is for now setup grub to stay lts default

  • @ringo32
    Which kernel version did you encountered problems?

  • kernel 4.20.6-arch1-1
    @Bryanpwo :)

    just het hangs a bit loss of keyboard control cannot say this install is old , i think some weeks because i bricked my system own hand ⛏

    but these things can be subjective, thats now that i setup linux-lts as first loader…

  • Okay, So some keys don’t work?

  • Only by way of comment, 4.19.19-1-lts works more fluid than Current … on my hardware

  • @Bryanpwo whole keyboard unresponsive :) i think have also a gfx with chromium but im born is chromium is hard to leave :p also hard to say there was also a nouveau update, but before that was something i canot bringhome, i think kvantum also play a part in some fluid but, its subjective… on kernels is it always thats fine 2 kernels , lts should be good for now until mayby switched in quality who knows… :)

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