• Sound Blaster ZXR

    Been having some issue, namely no sound at all, so started looking and asking around.

    Apparently there was a patch that was meant to be included in this kernel, but if it is, no go for me.
    If you want to read what i’ve read, here: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=236364

    Not a complaint or anything, just asking for advice on what to do.

  • @ringo32 said in Sound Blaster ZXR:

    try with the newest linux kernel 4.20

    Talk about timely intervention!
    Thanks a lot oh famous drummer; oh, and happy new year ^^

  • yeah was about mayby more luck on the kernel :) Ringo means basicly Apple ;)

    Always nice if it works with the new kernel with out modding to much ;)

  • Definitely, as i lack the knowledge to do said modding ^^

    Once again, thanks for pointing this out, had started looking for alternatives, so you saved me some money alright.

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