• Can't log in to Antergos (KDE Plasma)

    Hello everyone,

    I have a little issue with my main user account, when I try to connect to it, my screen turns black and it redirects me to the “Welcome page” with the hour. (I precise that it only does that with this user account not to my other (I am connected to the other currently))

    Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.19.2-arch1-1-ARCH
    DE: KDE 5.52.0 / Plasma 5.14.3

    Thank you!

  • @Mvrck by “Welcome page” do you mean the DM? i.e. back to where you can login as a user (possibly another user)?

  • Yes here:alt text

  • For KDE, sddm is the recommended DM.
    Not sure if doing this will fix your issue but its worth trying and eliminating as a factor…
    (It certainly fixed some weird behaviour I was seeing)
    See https://antergos.com/wiki/desktops/installing-display-managers/

  • Ok thanks, I will try it and see what happens!

  • It doesn’t change anything, I will just create a new user for now

  • You may be able to work out what is happening by logging in as the user in tty and using journalctl --user -r

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