• Thank you to the entire team

    I am really loving this!

    It’s the first time in many years i don’t feel like i’m fighting my OS. You know?
    Been having a blast so far ( haven’t slept yet), i just cannot believe the things you can do with it!

    Loads to learn and the more i get down to specifics the harder it will get, but am hooked now. Not going back, lol

    Sincere, utter thanks to each and every one of you for doing this.
    Am actually enjoying using my PC again.

    Thank you and a happy holidays to you all :)

    (am more eloquent when i’m rested. I’ve no time for resting now)

  • @Aenra Nice! I too love Antergos. It is the ‘Chosen One’… like Neo in Matrix movie. I chose Antergos after trying tons of distros. It’s simple to install, gives the power of Arch to the end-user and is simply a pleasure to use. It’s so good that I rarely boot into my Windows 10 partition. I still use Windows 10 for college work and games. Antergos has been reliable. Been using it for 3 months and no crash. It’s smooth.

    The community is friendly and awesome and helpful. This is very very very important for me :)

    Happy NEW YEAR 2019 :) CRUSH 2019 like a bug. It’s 00:00 right now in India :)

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