• Antergos does not wake up

    @Bryanpwo further to my earlier confirmation that the LTS kernel is now an option in the Advanced menu, I can report that it has not made a difference.

    So, when I just leave the VM open and e.g. go onto Windows for some work, then return to Antergos after a while, it has changed into a smallish black square within the VM and there is no way I can get Antergos UI to show. I have to close down the VM and reboot.

  • Okay, since I didn’t know you were working in a VM earlier, read my previous post, this coud be all VM related. The problem you’re encountering now will most likely not occur on an installation on your hardware.
    I don’t know how much space you’ve got left on your SDD/HDD, but try to install Antergos next to Windows, but read the wiki first.

  • @Klaas-Vaak Perhaps do you use KDE Plasma 5 desktop? If so, i can tell you that i’ve already experienced something like this. In my opinion, the error in this case is related to the timing of the screen shutdown and the suspension. I haven’t even come to see how this can be overcome. I have not experienced this with XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate desktop environments.

  • @Bryanpwo It cannot be VM related because I have 5 distros installed in virtualbox and none of them have this problem.
    The idea of having a distro ina VM is to see what the distro is like, get some experience with it before installing it on bare metal.

  • @Klaas-Vaak
    I agree with you, but having read your other thread, there was also some tinkering on the vm. So it isn’t clear where the problem lies.

  • @zoli62 My DE is Deepin.

  • @Bryanpwo OK, it seems to me that we won’t be able to solve this issue.

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