• Root user folder permissions

    Hi @developers

    Just noticed that folder /root (in new install) has read and execute permissions for everybody. I suppose it should be no permissions for non-root users, like

    chmod 0750 /root
    # or
    chmod 0700 /root

    just like normal users have (the latter).

  • drwxr-xr-x


  • @joekamprad
    Now it is like that.
    It should be


    Command alternatives that should be used now:

    sudo chmod go-rwx /root
    sudo chmod 0700 /root

    Either of above commands gives the desired result.

    The reason is the root user may have something there that other users should not see. So it is a security issue that actually should be fixed.

  • Archlinux have: drwxr-x---for /root folder

  • @joekamprad
    Thanks for making the issue.

    For /root it could be either drwxr-x— or drwx------, shouldn’t matter, since not many users belong to the root group.

    As we can easily see, normal users have drwx------ which is very good as a security setting for normal users if/when users want to stay private. I think it is just natural if the root user has the same setting. But I’m OK with drwx------ too. Only the world visibility needs to be removed.

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