• Cinnamon 4.0.8

    Is it possible to install this version yet?

  • You can clone the github package and build it with make makepkg, but there’s a big chance it eventually will break the system, or things don’t work properly, since it’s also in beta with Linux mint.
    If you’re curious what the new features are, maybe you can install Linux mint Debian version in a VM.
    If you’re willing to build the package for pacman to be able to install it here’s the link, Also read the makepkg page before going into action.

  • if you got bugs or some issues you can try this version, but basicly if it works now , should not rush intoo, the difference would be minimal, probbly some bug fix… it wil come at the end…

    Mint uses distro’s like arch to test it basicly but probably depend on upcomming update mayby arch hold a bit back, everything gtk related need a review…

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