• Nomachine, a romote desktop worth trying

    It’s a funny how the same packages/software tend to “stand out” when it comes to a given type of apps round-up. Remote desktops are no exceptions: you will find VNC (“the precursor”) and its derivatives, Teamviewer (“kind of market leader”, they even use it at my work place), etc…

    There are the lesser known but somehow superior outsiders/challengers and Nomachine is a very good example of this: I had been using teamviever 13 for some time across windows and Antergos machines and I found it not especially quick, requiring to remember a PC’s id number to connect to it and quite limited in its free version. And then Version 14 was out… and not even working on linux, which i got fed up trying to troubleshoot. So I tried Nomachine and apart from issues with my wi-fi machines, it works like a breeze: snappy, thanks to good video compression ad low latency, network discovery with machines idendtified with their name/IPs and connected to with their OS users credentials.

    Give it a try and feedback here.

  • @leo67
    Good to know, I’ll try it.
    But about teamviewer 14 not working it’s probably because teamviewer daemon must be up and running to connect.
    This is very easy to “fix”:

    sudo systemctl start teamviewerd

    and if wants the daemon ready every boot without using a terminal to start it:

    sudo systemctl enable teamviewerd
  • @Edwin-Foss

    I have tried this and it did not work for me. Actually, Nomachine is getting better with my wi-fi connected PCs and it starts at the login stage which is quite handy (I am not too sure from memory that Teamviewer does this).

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