• Cannot login after fresh install

    i bought a new notebook and faced some problems with the install. I run it in dualboot, having windows 10 installed before antergos. I tried installing antergos with i3 and gnome3, both with proprietary drivers for nvidia cards and without proprietary drivers. When i install with proprietary drivers, i get a blackscreen after grub. But i can switch to tty2, tty3 and so on.
    When i run without them i get the login-screen after grub, but when i try to login, the screen freezes. I have a black background and see the mouse, but cannot do anything. I cannot even change to tty2 or tty3 or something. I have no clue how to solve this problem.

    It is a HP notebook with an i7 and an nvidia GTX1050Ti. Does anyone has some help for me?

  • So i installed Antergos with proprietary drivers and gnome3, got into tty2 and uninstalled the drivers from there. After that i was able to boot and login for one time. I got an error while installing some software saying that another packagemanager is already running. After reboot, i was just where i startet. So after login the screen turned black and i could not do anything.
    I found out that i get some ACPI error while booting so i tried bootoption acpi=off. With that, i can login and have a normal screen, but my touchpad and notebooks keyboard arn’t working now. So i have to use external mouse and external keyboard. Also, i am not able to shutdown or reboot the pc normally. I get a message that the system was halted.
    So i have a bad working system by now, but it works some kind of.

    So next i need to find out how to get my keyboard and mouse running, my system shutting down without problems and the packagemanager to work normally. Some suggestions?

  • @jacko
    Is by any chance your laptop mentioned in https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Laptop/HP page?

    Using acpi=off may cause the symptoms you have, so something less drastic might help, maybe some other kernel parameters for your particular laptop model.

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